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tv   [untitled]    June 16, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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and deeper to benefit the communities that we all care about particularly in the tenderloin and south of market. i know supervisor jane kim but for a big bike trip she's doing in denmark, she would be right here. i know she would be very happy to see this happening because the benefit of this particular center with all of it's attributes whether it's child care to support the people here whether it's focused on services towards people who don't have jobs and don't have those job skill sets. whether for me it is the ultimate which is a constant transfer of skill sets of hope from those that have pretty good jobs and good skill sets and good education to those that are challenged in many ways that have been here and lived here an we are hoping that a mayor and
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board of supervisors would some day revitalize that we now have companies in fact twitter is first and now there is 15 technology companies along with venture capitalist along with other small businesses that have also invested in this area and that makes for great solid roots of building and rebuilding our communities. then the purpose of this center will just go a long way. you are sitting in a room that will have up to 20 computers, training of everything from coding and i know some people will speak about that. but it isn't just about technology that will happen here. it's also as dick said, the life skills. it's the stuff that encompass us on a day to day basis and gives them hope for succeeding in this city. these days i'm trying to lead that conversation with many
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companies as well as social services providers and community based organizations and our supervisors about how we can share in this prosperity that is quite evidence of all the same around the city. how to share with the community that is most in need. i think this is a center that this is be a great root in doing that. i want to thank dick for his vision here. i want to thank his staff and the people from twitter because there will be a lot of twitter employees coming through here and i think they will realize that their skill sets can be invaluable to people who don't have that surrounding them. and then for the families and kids that are here, it will be a safe place, a free place for them. it will be a very conveniently located space that they can get really adequately prepared before coming to protest
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against me at city hall. [ laughter ] inform legislators about what their desires are. isn't that the way to do it? i'm glad to see the children and families director here. the more of these types of centers that can be created brings more of the people we need to come together to help each other out. this is in essence what i always felt to be what is the purpose of shared prosperity. those that have something to give and are willing in their hearts to give it can then transfer to something like this to the people who need it and create a space for this to happen and this is not a senseless space. i want to thank twitter financial for that to make it happen. but what's going to go on here for years is a reflection of more and more examples of how successful
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businesses can help others to become more successful and provide both the framework but also the foundation. many discussions will have to hear, many transfers in knowledge. many stories we'll share with each other with a hope that people can take those skill sets and get the kind of jobs we are creating in the city or the training programs like city college that are offering in order to improve people's lives and get more resilient and more successful. i'm just sharing with you my thoughts and belief about why this center exist and i kind of think this is the thought process that people at twitter had when they were really contemplating what would be the proper alignment for what they are all about to what the people here need and make that a long term sustainable commitment. again, thank you to you and hopefully i will have the chance to visit here on many occasions and see the families that are
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succeeding and get them the jobs and now get them the housing that they need in the city. thank you. [ applause ] >> hello my name is erica nave the teacher at catholic charities. we would like to thank twitter for everything they have done for all the wonderful youth in our programs. being involved has been a valuable resource for our children to begin hands-on program for computers. we are so grateful for their incredible support and continue to provide educational opportunities for the children and the families of san francisco. [ applause ]
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>> hi, everyone. i'm erica, the executive director of family and children services. on behalf of all at encompass i would like to thank twitter for their tremendous partnership. over the past year we have been involved in program and planning. it's wonderful to be part of this space which was nothing just a couple montago transformed and a partner for the neighbor nest. the great thing about the planning process for the nest is that every step of the way the focus has been on how to make this space and the programming welcoming and accessible to the families that we serve. these discussions early on about the color scheme and the types of snacks and the way the child care area which is absolutely indispensable should be laid out to the type of software and
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the configuration of the furniture. it's all been about the client experience. over the past few months with the programming that compass has run we've seen quite a few families come here and they are excited about the opportunity to learn technology to open doors about gaining skills and tools that will help them to contribute to employment, job readiness, job training, educational opportunities, housing search. what we see at the nest is an opportunity to be a game changer for families like the families we serve who are striving for stability and self sufficiency. we are very much looking forward to kicking off our summer season of regular programming at the nest and that will start june 1st, with parents and kids. it will be busy and bubbling
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with many people here as tonight. i'm going to turn the mic over the lindsey who is a resident with her beautiful daughter who is somewhere out there and our house program. she's going to say a few words. [ applause ] >> hi, so my name is lindsey. i have a one -year-old daughter who is somewhere out there in the crowd. but, i'm actually really super excited for the opportunity that twitter has offered us to have a place where we can come and get education on computers or and also have a place where we can do housing workshops and have our children right there with us, but not exactly right there. [ laughter ] but, i'm definitely super excited and
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i'm looking forward to all of the resources that they are offering. they are offering a wonderful movie night which is families will be able to come and watch a movie with their kids and share with other families. i'm super excited about that. i just really want to say thank you, guys, because you know for some people they don't have the motivation to want to get their lives together, but actually coming to a place like this and a place like this to be available for those of us who want to put that effort into getting their lives together. so i really just wanted to thank you. so thanks. [ applause ] >> all right. with that we'll cut the ribbon with this extraordinarily giant
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pair of scissors. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> >> >> >> >> good morning, everyone and welcome to our tenderloin community school. i want to say thank you to principal shatner and you know whenever that name an appears you have to ask the question, and i did. are you related to william shatner. she will tell you if she is. go find out that story later on. there is a star track link
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to this school. it's great to be here with our school board with superintendent carranza and the number of department and agencies i'm working to improve the experience and the lifech all of our youth because we all know that it isn't just the schools. although that is a critical part. that's what we are here today. but we also understand that for our youth to be successful for their families to be successful we have to work on many fronts. that's why there are so many good agencies here that are concerned about everything from early childhood education to preschool to after school programs to job opportunities, to getting our kids across town on free muni for those who need it to making sure that
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they are living in a wonderful city that supports them and their families. that is to say that all of us in the city including my staff and the number of the departments and the school district have worked together to building a stronger city and a better public school system and continues to do that on an on going basis. if you hear ideas coming from the school board as well as the city coming together you know that we won't be interrupted in this effort. [ laughter ] . we are making record investments, we are in addition to what we do as a city i know the school board feels our effort in enticing philanthropy, foundations, successful businesses to join us in making that investment in our kids, in our families and
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obviously there are many foundations that are helping our school district. i happen to be able to entice one in particular and i continue to say thank you to sales force about the contribution that is extremely important because that's the data that told us that we had a special challenge in that particular grade. but it's as important that so many other foundations whether it's the has or what warren hell man used to do and he was around and now his family continues to do elementary and so many other programs. and hydroand united way to get committed from employers
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throughout the city. this morning just this morning literally over 4500 hundred pledges of jobs included our library, muni, our planning and building inspection and private industries like the bank, like starbucks, like breeze. you have to know who they are and so many other technology companies and traditional companies at the chamber that made a commitment that in the youth jobs plus program they made a commitment of over 4500 jobs. we are on our way to a number that i will not announce until we accomplish it because it's a huge number. we all know that we want to do more and we must do moran we want to make sure that our investments conclude with great outcomes for our kids and we know they have to be prepared in so
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many ways. not just what happens with books and computers but in life skills. that will provide them with a successful foundation and we need to do our part to make sure our city is affordable to them as well because when we grow this talent as we know we will, we want that talent to remain in our city and be successful in our city. that's why we have a plan of things we want to do to make our families successful. i am committed to building more homes at record levels, homes that are affordable to teachers butts -- but also to our students as they graduate and if they make that sacrifice, i want to be there to provide and to make sure to provide that they have the keys to homes that they want to live in. we also want to work in our parks, our neighborhoods and seniors to
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enable them to get around the city and they can be successful in our city. i will tell that you open space as well as housing as well as good transportation all work together to support the increasing investments that we are making. today i'm proud to announce an increased investment for our youth to the tune of $355.5 million this next year to our education system. our public school system. this includes $36.5 million towards the school district's rainy day fund. i know we've been discussing that rainy day fund in very great detail to make sure it works even better. i know that the school board and our superintendent gave us good advice when we structured it so that it wouldn't have some delays when ever there was a tweak of challenge to the school district that now they can respond even better and quicker. that's
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an incredible investment. admittedly we are in good economic times and we are lucky to have this opportunity to share the prosperity with everyone and that's why we are making smart investments. that's what we are doing today and the school district's rainy day fund is a smart investment making sure that in economically challenging times whenever they may appear in the future and we hope we may never see them but when we talk to investors who are families who want to locate in the city they will see we are making smart investments for them. we are continuing to make investments that we are proud to do. we are increasing the slots for our preschool for all programs making them universal and eliminating all of our wait list for our summer programs. that's why it's so important that we announce again right now we'll
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clear all of our wait list for all of our programs. we are getting to these programs and those slots will cost us but we are glad to do it. $2.5 million more this year so families aren't waiting. once you get these kids into these programs, people can go to work, they can have their kids activated, they can exchange with them the lifeless once -- lessons and all the experiences they are involved with and the school district working with our invaluable non-profit sectors, program providers, agencies that marie and sue have interacted with and children youth
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and families. they enrich our kids. we want to make sure that all the programs enrich our kids and provide programs and target the kids that have to catch up because of life experiences they are facing. that's enabled me to increase and our transitional age youth 16-24. that statistical bases faces double the barriers of getting employment. they come from families that are challenged, they may have touched a criminal justice system, they may have deep deep poverty barriers to climb out of. these transitional age youth have been our focus because we know through our school district if they don't show up healthy, if they don't show one family support, they themselves will
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not be successful. we figured this out over many many conversations, a lot of data telling us. a lot of data tells us that we have to do better with our transitional age youth. it's not just about the money. superintendent carranza and the school board, we've n gauged in this conversation intensely when we passed proposition c and we engaged supervisor i -- norman yee and a lot of supervisors who spent time with the school board in the previous years who spent time with the school board in creating a process in which we would honor not just the amount of money that the city and school district are willing to spend, but how it's spent, where the smart investments
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are. through time some of this has to change because of new challenges or a better understanding or deeper understanding of what those challenges are. so in doing that, and in making sure that we honor the voter approved proposition c, we have entered into a conversation with our community to make sure that we have an on going council of experts people that come together on a regular bases to review data, review practices, get rid of non-performing practices, invite new and successful best practices for our school district. that's how we are going to continue being the best urban school district in the country if not certainly in california because we are constantly reviewing what we are doing and matching it up against data and having those conversations and we can only do that when we have that structure that
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invites that kind of review and on going improvement. so we have created and established a council, we've entitled it called our children and our families council this unique council utilizes successful partnerships across the city and the school district. it sets the stage for broader partnerships. once we established an on going council, i predict superintendent and school board you will invite more and you will see we handle school resources more importantly than before. we have shared outcomes for our families and children by coordinating this new council and will make our city, a city that has all in come levels of families thrive not only working harder but working successfully. i want to just give a special shout out to supervisor
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norman yee because he has led this in everyone of our periodic meetings he's really championed a dialogue around this. we are currently recruiting community members interested in serving on this council wanting to make a difference for the thousands of lives of children in our city now and in the future. if you are interested we are going to call you out and have you come and volunteer. don't be just a critic. get yourself involved. find solutions. be part of the answer. that's what our school district needs and now we have one of the biggest answers and that's the infusion of dollars but also increasing the partnership that our city has. i don't ever want to have an i know this school board knows this. it's more than just talk. i told you that you will not have a city at an abandons you, that you may not
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get from state politics, that during these times of economic prosperity we are going to share with our school district because we know that's where the talent is grown. and every successful industry in the city whether it's health care, tourism, hospitality or technology or the local manufacturing, they are going to find that talent in the public school system. i would like to say thank you to all the partnerships here. this is a good day. i'm glad to share this prosperity. that also means that we have more responsibility to be had. i want to thank all the agencies that are here because we are figuring out together how this infusion of dollars can be done smartly but with a long-term interest and a great invitation to the families here that there is another good reason to fight the cost of housing is that you want to
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stay here because the education system is world class. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> superintendent carranza. >> thank you. i would like to say how important it is to be here at the tenderloin community school where at the idea of community involvement and very involved citizens who came together and said we want this school to be located in the heart of the tenderloin but we don't want it to be an -- mall gum of classrooms. we want to make sure the needs of the families are served. how appropriate that we are standing in that facility today listening to the mayor and when the
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city does well, the city takes care of it's own. we are so pleased to be here in the city of san francisco. i would like to thank those who are here, commissioner mendoza mcdonald and joy lins. ladies and gentlemen, what's important about san francisco is the talent that we need to be a world class city, not just the in california, but in the world, the global economy exist right now in classrooms across the city in san francisco. they are the boys and girls in kindergarten through classrooms that want to live in san francisco and want to raise their families in san francisco and want to be part of the infrastructure and part of the talent people in san francisco. the announcement that the mayor
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said today is to invest in the rainy day fund. it's critical for us because those minds are nurtured with dedicated commitment in the classroom. the rainy day fund has allowed us in the times to keep the educators and staff in schools. this is important in a plan in a fiscally responsible way when that time comes and we have methods to interact the negative effects of those down turns. i can't emphasize enough how important it is for afternoon school program and extended learning programs. we know that learning doesn't stop when learning leaves to classroom. they learn in the environment. how wonderful it is in this city there is no wait list. that every student can be part of an after school
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program, they will get to be outside and have physical education and the benefit is the parents get to go work and contribute to this economy. that doesn't happen without this investment that the city is announcing with this program. finally, i want to thank san francisco for what they are doing with providing this. it's a community impact, a collective impact where we are saying we are creating a framework for children and youth as indicated by our transitional age youth. we are creating a framework where no student is not known and no student is not served by the system here in the city of san francisco. on behalf of the 57,000 students and 8,000 residents, mr. mayor, your employers, our employees, i want to say thank you and thank you to the voters and
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residents of san francisco who absolutely time and time again believe it is a world class city and we have a world class education system. thank you for the good news on a thursday. now if the warriors win tonight and the giants sweep, it will be truly a time for celebration, right? >> [ applause ] >> >>
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>>[gavel] good afternoon everybody and welcome to the board of supervisors meeting of july 16th 2015 madam clerk can you please call rollcall >> supervisor avalos; carlos present president breed; breed present supervisor campos campos